VIN: 5YJSA7E47GF122702 - Tesla Model S 2016

2016 Tesla Model S
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Autorola 12380574km 109,5184-5-2021 -
Детальная информация по комплектации автомобиля - Расшифровка VIN-кода
Additional Error Text: In the Possible values section, the Numeric value before the : indicates the position in error and the values after the : indicate the possible values that are allowed in this position. Unused position(s): 6;
Bed Type: Not Applicable
Body Cab Type: Not Applicable
Body Class: Hatchback/Liftback/Notchback
Bus Floor Config Type: Not Applicable
Bus Type: Not Applicable
Custom Motorcycle Type: Not Applicable
Doors: 5
Electrification Level: BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle)
Error Code: 4,14
Error Text: 4 - VIN corrected, error in one position only (indicated by ! in Suggested VIN), multiple matches found; 14 - Unable to provide information for some of the characters in the VIN, based on the manufacturer submission.
Fuel Type Primary: Electric
Make I D: 441
Manufacturer: TESLA, INC.
Manufacturer Id: 955
Model: Model S
Model I D: 1685
Model Year: 2016
Motorcycle Chassis Type: Not Applicable
Motorcycle Suspension Type: Not Applicable
Other Engine Info: Dual Motor - Performance
Plant City: FREMONT
Plant Country: UNITED STATES (USA)
Possible Values: (6:134ABD)
Steering Location: Left Hand Drive (LHD)
Suggested V I N: 5YJSA!E47GF122702
T P M S: Direct
Trailer Body Type: Not Applicable
Trailer Type: Not Applicable
V I N: 5YJSA7E47GF122702
  • VIN:5YJSA7E47GF122702
  • Производитель:Tesla
  • Модель:Model S
  • Год:2016
  • Цвет:
  • Пробег:km 109,518
  • Основной урон:
  • Вторичный урон:
  • Тип топлива:
  • Привод:
  • Объем двигателя:
  • Трансмиссия:
  • Состояние:
  • Тип документов:
  • Ключи:
  • Оценочная стоимость автомобиля:
  • Оценочная стоимость ремонта:
  • Номер лота Autorola: 12380574
  • Продавец:
  • Дата продажи / актуальности данных лота:4-5-2021 / 2021/05/04