VIN: WBA1V710007B57029 - BMW 116D 2018

2018 BMW 116D
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Source Lot/Record# Mileage Sell date / relevance Damage/Notes
Autorola 12576474km 37,21122-7-2021 -
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Additional Error Text: Unused position(s): 4,5,6,7; Invalid character(s): 10:0;
Air Bag Loc Front: 1st Row (Driver & Passenger)
Bed Type: Not Applicable
Body Cab Type: Not Applicable
Bus Floor Config Type: Not Applicable
Bus Type: Not Applicable
Custom Motorcycle Type: Not Applicable
Error Code: 11,14,400
Error Text: 11 - Incorrect Model Year - Position 10 does not match valid model year codes (I, O, Q, U, Z, 0). Decoded data may not be accurate.; 14 - Unable to provide information for some of the characters in the VIN, based on the manufacturer submission.; 400 - Invalid Characters Present
Make: BMW
Make I D: 452
Manufacturer: BMW AG
Manufacturer Id: 966
Motorcycle Chassis Type: Not Applicable
Motorcycle Suspension Type: Not Applicable
Plant City: LEIPZIG
Plant Country: GERMANY
Seat Belts All: Manual
Suggested V I N: WBA1V7100!7B57029
Trailer Body Type: Not Applicable
Trailer Type: Not Applicable
V I N: WBA1V710007B57029
  • VIN:WBA1V710007B57029
  • Manufacturer:BMW
  • Model:116D
  • Year:2018
  • Color:
  • Mileage:km 37,211
  • Primary damage:
  • Secondary damage:
  • Fuel:
  • Drive unit:
  • Engine volume:
  • Transmission:
  • Condition:
  • Documents type:
  • Keys:
  • Estimated car value:
  • Estimated Repair Cost:
  • Lot Number Autorola: 12576474
  • Seller:
  • Sell date / relevance of lot data:22-7-2021 / 2021/07/22