VIN: WVWZZZ3CZGE141076 - Volkswagen Passat SW 2016

2016 Volkswagen Passat SW
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Source Lot/Record# Mileage Sell date / relevance Damage/Notes
Autorola 13427954km 177,0258-8-2022 -
Autorola 13293323km 177,0258-6-2022 -
Autorola 13424251km 177,0255-8-2022 -
Autorola 13419294km 177,0254-8-2022 -
Autorola 13408332km 177,02531-7-2022 -
Autorola 13274870km 177,02530-5-2022 -
Autorola 13285287km 177,0253-6-2022 -
Autorola 13408088km 177,02529-7-2022 -
Autorola 13265618km 177,02525-5-2022 -
Autorola 13260536km 177,02523-5-2022 -
Autorola 13325158km 177,02522-6-2022 -
Autorola 13319142km 177,02520-6-2022 -
Autorola 13310022km 177,02515-6-2022 -
Autorola 13303219km 177,02513-6-2022 -
Autorola 13410270km 177,0251-8-2022 -
Autorola 13281179km 177,0251-6-2022 -
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Bed Type: Not Applicable
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Bus Type: Not Applicable
Custom Motorcycle Type: Not Applicable
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Make I D: 482
Manufacturer Id: 1147
Model Year: 1986
Motorcycle Chassis Type: Not Applicable
Motorcycle Suspension Type: Not Applicable
Plant City: EMDEN
Plant Country: GERMANY
Possible Values: (4:ABCDEFGH)(5:ABCDGH)(6:09)(8:23567)
Suggested V I N: WVW!!!3!!GE141076
Trailer Body Type: Not Applicable
Trailer Type: Not Applicable
  • Manufacturer:Volkswagen
  • Model:Passat SW
  • Year:2016
  • Color:
  • Mileage:km 177,025
  • Primary damage:
  • Secondary damage:
  • Fuel:
  • Drive unit:
  • Engine volume:
  • Transmission:
  • Condition:
  • Documents type:
  • Keys:
  • Estimated car value:
  • Estimated Repair Cost:
  • Lot Number Autorola: 13424251
  • Seller:
  • Sell date / relevance of lot data:5-8-2022 / 2022/08/05
This page presents the history of sales at auctions as well as a photo report of lot N: 13424251 which was exhibited Autorola, in the Europe, with damage / in condition .
The Volkswagen Passat SW 2016, color, with vin code WVWZZZ3CZGE141076 is presented with gearbox and engine .
At the time of the auction, the car had a mileage km 177,025. The date of information actuality is 2022/08/05.
The estimated estimated cost of the lot is and the cost of repairs is .
Also on this page you can find a detailed information by VIN code of this car and a detailed history of previous car auctions with this car. We strongly recommend that you order a carfax report to get acquainted with the detailed history of car maintenance, as well as make diagnostics at an authorized Volkswagen service station in your city, before participating in the auction or before purchasing this car from local dealers.
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