VIN: JSAMFH11S00144547 - Suzuki Ignis 2018

2018 Suzuki Ignis
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Source Lot/Record# Mileage Sell date / relevance Damage/Notes
Autorola 13339923km 64,71228-6-2022 -
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Adaptive Cruise Control: Not Applicable
Adaptive Driving Beam: Not Applicable
Additional Error Text: Unused position(s): 5,6,7,8,11; Invalid character(s): 9:S , 10:0;
Auto Reverse System: Not Applicable
Automatic Pedestrian Alerting Sound: Not Applicable
Bed Type: Not Applicable
Blind Spot Mon: Not Applicable
Body Cab Type: Not Applicable
Bus Floor Config Type: Not Applicable
Bus Type: Not Applicable
C A N_ A A C N: Not Applicable
C I B: Not Applicable
Daytime Running Light: Not Applicable
Dynamic Brake Support: Not Applicable
E D R: Not Applicable
Error Code: 1,11,14,400
Error Text: 1 - Check Digit (9th position) does not calculate properly; 11 - Incorrect Model Year - Position 10 does not match valid model year codes (I, O, Q, U, Z, 0). Decoded data may not be accurate.; 14 - Unable to provide information for some of the characters in the VIN, based on the manufacturer submission.; 400 - Invalid Characters Present
Forward Collision Warning: Not Applicable
Fuel Type Primary: Gasoline
G V W R: Class 1A: 3,000 lb or less (1,360 kg or less)
Lane Departure Warning: Not Applicable
Lane Keep System: Not Applicable
Lower Beam Headlamp Light Source: Not Applicable
Make I D: 509510
Manufacturer Id: 1048
Park Assist: Not Applicable
Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking: Not Applicable
Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Not Applicable
Rear Visibility System: Not Applicable
Semiautomatic Headlamp Beam Switching: Not Applicable
Suggested V I N: JSAMFH11!!0144547
Trailer Body Type: Not Applicable
Trailer Type: Not Applicable
V I N: JSAMFH11S00144547
Vehicle Type: MOTORCYCLE
  • VIN:JSAMFH11S00144547
  • Manufacturer:Suzuki
  • Model:Ignis
  • Year:2018
  • Color:
  • Mileage:km 64,712
  • Primary damage:
  • Secondary damage:
  • Fuel:
  • Drive unit:
  • Engine volume:
  • Transmission:
  • Condition:
  • Documents type:
  • Keys:
  • Estimated car value:
  • Estimated Repair Cost:
  • Lot Number Autorola: 13339923
  • Seller:
  • Sell date / relevance of lot data:28-6-2022 / 2022/06/28
This page presents the history of sales at auctions as well as a photo report of lot N: 13339923 which was exhibited Autorola, in the Europe, with damage / in condition .
The Suzuki Ignis 2018, color, with vin code JSAMFH11S00144547 is presented with gearbox and engine .
At the time of the auction, the car had a mileage km 64,712. The date of information actuality is 2022/06/28.
The estimated estimated cost of the lot is and the cost of repairs is .
Also on this page you can find a detailed information by VIN code of this car and a detailed history of previous car auctions with this car. We strongly recommend that you order a carfax report to get acquainted with the detailed history of car maintenance, as well as make diagnostics at an authorized Suzuki service station in your city, before participating in the auction or before purchasing this car from local dealers.
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